PT Intecs has held a National Annual Meeting in 2015 to discuss a strategy of the company in 2015. The event was held on 2-4 February 2015 held at R Hotel, Rancamaya, Ciawi, Bogor and was attended by all the operational manager and head of the branch. This event led by the board of directors : Mr. Bruce Mckay (President Director), Mr. Mulandaru Rachim (Director of Operations), Mr. Setiawan Mahadjaja (Director of Administration and Finance) and also attended by the Commissioner of PT Intecs Mr. Kusumo AM.


The National Annual Meeting is a routine agenda held every year by PT Intecs. The theme of this year’s event, “PROFESSIONAL, ETHICAL, COHESIVE … BE SYNERGIZED”. The event consisted of a presentation of all managers, training motivation and rafting. In keeping with the theme, each department presented on operational performance over the last year following the achievement and also on target to be achieved next year

Presentation of all managers is closed by the Commissioner to express his gratitude to all those who have participated in the implementation of the event and expects to support the achievement of the targets for 2015. Awards were also given to some of the branches that have given the best performance include:

• Sorowako for Best Mining Sales Performance category.

• Surabaya for the Best Industry Sales Performance category.

• Sorowako, Sengatta and Maluk for Safety Award of Excellence category.

• Mr. Indra Yusuf for Best Managing & Operations category.

Motivational training sessions PT Intecs invite a motivator, Mr. Budi Setiawan. He provides training that focuses on how improving professionalism and business ethics in the work and to improve synergies between divisions, departments and work units in PT Intecs Teknikatama industry to achieve its targets.

The event closed with a rafting session to strengthen the cohesiveness among team. Through The National Annual Meeting this year let’s realize a work program to support the achievement of the Company’s performance better.

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